Aria da Ponta

pour flute solo / 2′ env.
Composition musicale dédiéé à Yannis Pantazis, inspirée de La Ponta, une tour du XIIIe siècle située dans le château vénitien d’Akrotiri sur l’île de Santorin en Grèce.



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« Studying the aria changed me as a musician… playing the piece it was like frying in the air… magic my friend! As much as I play your incredible harmonic sequence, I get into it and the composition is showing me the way… amazing! I just heard string instruments in my head while I was playing! The tonality is amazing and fits the range of my flute… Every time I play this song I feel like I am a boat and travelling in the sea. All this time that I practice the song I am amazed how you go inside the rhythm of every note… It’s a excepeinnal melody! » Yannis Pantazis