They said

« Thank you for your beautiful work. It is a completely new tonality I hear in many of the songs, and I am happy and humbled to have found these magnificent arrangements and sounds by you! » Khatchadour KHATCHADOURIAN

« Interesantisimo curriculum . Espero encontrar la ocasión de trabajar con usted. »
José Luis BASSO

 » I’ve had a look at your compositions. Congratulations. You do a very good work really. »
Javier BUSTO

 » Beautiful pieces! Thank you very much for your music. I would love to see and study the score to a number of your compositions, as I find them very beautiful and suitable for either the Danish National Girls’ Choir or one of the younger choirs from the Danish National Choir School. »
Phillip FABER Chief conductor DR PigeKoret / Danish National Girls Choir