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Born in the heart of the mountains, he has the French-Swiss nationality. With a grandmother born in Argentina and a granfather in Italia, his origins invite him to travel and meet others cultures. Composer and author, he is a member of Sacem, the French Composers and author’s society. After his studies at the Regional High School for Music he gets a diploma of Superior Studies of Composition at the National Superior Conservatory of Music in Lyon and as a movie music composer at the Ecole Normale de Musique - Alfred Cortot in Paris. Finalist of several competitions, his works are created and played in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland, USA...

With teachers who are great personalities of the musical word like Gilbert Amy, Raffi Ourgandjian, Christian Accaoui for composition and orchestration, Robert Pascal for musical analysis, Yvette Grimaud for ethnomusicology, then Patrice Mestral for film music and the decisive encounter with Luigi Nono at the Acanthes Center in 1989; the music represents for him the immensity of the spaces in which we can aspire, that is the reason why he writes music in various approaches.

Being a singer himself, he writes many compositions for voice. Having an open mind towards the music in all its diversity, particularly the folk-music, he works with persons commanding various languages: french, english, german, italian, portuguese, basque, dialects as swiss-german, languages being disappearance...

Drawing inspiration
in the music
of the nature
the songs of the birds
also of the whales
and further
the stars…